About Us

From the creators of Barrow Eats, UBARO is dragging the booking of Taxi’s in and around the Barrow Area into the modern world.

Sick and tired of waiting on hold for an operator to book you a Taxi just so you can then wait again for the Taxi to arrive?

Sick of having to stop at a Cash Machine to pay your fair when you have your bank card or Smartphone with you?

Well UBARO is here for you…

Book your Taxi using just three taps with our automatic location detection and choose to pay via Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

What’s more, any Taxi driver can work with UBARO meaning you will have the cars from drivers across all Barrow Firms (and also independent drivers) available for your ride, giving you a much better chance of getting your Taxi as quickly as you would like it!

Created by Barrovians for the people of Barrow and it’s surrounding areas, UBARO is here to provide you with a faster, slicker and more convenient way to book a Taxi.

Our estimated fare calculator and price guarantee will let you know ahead of your booking the maximum that you will pay and unlike the likes of UBER there are no hidden surge charges or additional costs that will be added to your fare.